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Prepare Your Home for Sale

Staging your home for potential buyers is more than vacuuming. I know what works—and I’d like to give you tips that help get your house sold faster and at the price you want. Homes that sell without a staging transition oftentimes take longer to sell and sell for less.

A common myth is that you must make large home improvements for your home to sell. That is not the case! Small changes to your home can translate into big dollars. Follow these tips for readying your home for sale.


  • Make your home appear as large as possible by getting rid of extra furniture, photos and clutter.
  • All counters should be free of any items that are not simple décor.
  • Organize piles of similar items into neat stacks (books, magazines, paper)
  • Go room-by-room and donate or trash anything that you no longer need.


  • Vacuum and clean every floor in the house.
  • Dust your home completely.
  • Wash light fixtures, doors, walls, edging, light switches, baseboards, stairs, railings, and windows.
  • Restore kitchen appliances to like-new quality. Dirty appliances (whether or not they come with the house) are a major turn-off to buyers.
  • Deep-clean tile and grout in bathrooms and kitchens
  • If you have pets, consider getting your home professional cleaned to remove pet hair and smells.


  • Make sure that every light has a working bulb.
  • Check for loose doorknobs and hinges.
  • Ensure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly—if not, add lubrication.
  • Repaint chipped or damaged paint
  • Make sure that any holes or damaged walls are fully repaired.

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